At Lever Law, we believe that our clients shouldn’t have to pay for a lawyer’s inefficiencies. Many lawyers will charge you “per hour” which can effectively result in the lawyer being rewarded for being inefficient.

We stand by our claim to be one of the most efficient law firms in Queensland by offering you a fixed price for your business conveyance or commercial transaction.

We can assist you with your retail shop leasing, commercial leasing, franchise agreements and business conveyancing.

If this is your first business purchase, we will help to demystify the process for you and provide a plain English explanation of your ownership options (in conjunction with advice from your accountant), your Lease terms and your obligations under your Business Purchase Contract.

We can also assist you by providing you a Legal Advice Certificate for your Retail Shop Lease and ensure that it contains all terms which will protect your leasehold going forward, even in the event that the premises are sold to another Landlord.